The reason you’re poor

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Your attitude is the reason you’re poor

“All this made me wonder if there were actual, scientific links between positive thinking and success in business. (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.) Positive psychology is, in fact, a whole discipline centered entirely around the study of positivity and its effect on well being, productivity, and success. … “The resulting effect is a cascade of success as greater meaning and well-being fuel more successes than garnered by defensive pessimism or cynicism.” …

Let’s just assume we’ve all read Malcolm Gladwell by now, or at least have a solid understanding of a “tipping point”. Well guess what? Positive thinking has a tipping point, as well. Researcher Barbara Fredrickson, who I talked about earlier in this article, discovered the tipping point between negative and positive attitudes is a three-to-one ratio.

We’ve already discovered negative occurrences tend to stick in the mind longer and stronger than positive outcomes. If you received 20 compliments on your business plan and one criticism, odds are you’d focus on the one and ignore the many. So for every negative emotion, you need three positive emotions to keep your mood sunny. A calculator on Fredrickson’s website for her book Positivity can help you evaluate your own positivity ratio.

So how do you start tipping the balance in favor of positivity in order to improve your career prospects, your entrepreneurial endeavors, and your financial future? Here are a few simple ways to improve your positivity ratio: …”


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