Woeful one woman

By Drake Baer via fastcompany.com   Article

Why Productive Teams Have Three Kinds of Diversity

“A growing body of research shows that diversity–in gender, thinking styles, and intro- and extroversion–is needed for teams to be their most productive. …

The best teams have men and womena Credit Suisse analysis of almost 2,400 international companies … found that companies with at least one woman on their board tend to be the strongest performers … it’s woeful that one woman might count as diverse–like Warren Buffett said before, the less gender balance a group has, the less its capacity. …

You need introverts and extroverts … Groups of students–both introverts and extroverts–worked on projects over 10 weeks. Perhaps predictably, the extroverts were esteemed at the onset for their brash influence, but by the end people cared more for the introverts. With longevity, status equalizes.

You need one analytic thinker, maybe moreteams with an analytic thinker tended to perform better on “execution tasks” because they paid more attention to “process focus”–identifying sub-tasks and the resources needed to complete them. … having big-picture and analytical types on the same team can cause (creative?) tension. The solution to that is to make “process focus” a focus for the whole team–make sure everyone’s looking for the next actionable step.”


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