It’s not money or perks

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4 Things That Keep Employees Loyal (Hint: It’s Not Money or Perks)

“You can ditch the esoteric interview questions; skip the outlandish benefits and uber-hip working conditions; and forget building an awesome brand. When it comes to hiring– and more importantly, keeping– great employees, not even paying well above market compensation guarantees success.

In a recent survey of companies with the highest amount of employee turnover, guess which trailblazing exemplars of world-class employee-centricity came in second and fourth, respectively? None other than Google and Amazon. …

Here are the four key ways to ensure that, so long as you’re paying at or near market compensation, your employees will remain engaged and loyal, irrespective of the size of your business:

1. Good communication. Would you stay in a relationship with someone who rarely if ever communicated with you, and who, when they did, seemed to believe you were a somewhat dim, untrustworthy delinquent? …

2. Consistency. … When you say you’ll do a thing, do it. When you need to be somewhere, with someone, be there. … When you make a commitment, … make it happen, follow through. …

3. The opportunity to do great work. …

4. A decent, non-toxic manager. … in every exit poll, one reason consistently tops the list as to why good employees leave, and that is…drum roll not necessary…bad managers.”


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