I’m not foolish

By Andy Cross via FoolWatch Weekly   Article

Why I Couldn’t Resist Buying Apple

“It happened again this weekend. Someone asked me what I think about Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Not Apple, the business. But Apple the stock — AAPL. “Where do you see it by the end of the year,” my fellow BBQ-attending friend asked me.

After smirking or chuckling (literally) I answered, “Listen, I’m not foolish (note: small f) enough to guess where ANY stock will be come the end of the year.” And it’s the truth. And anyone who tells you differently is at best guessing or selling you something worth about as much as a bitcoin.

That’s because I’m an investor, not a trader. And an investor focuses on the business behind the ticker — the assets, the brands, the people, the market share, etc.

And where the business will be in three years or five years or, yes, even a decade! Now, this means that in the short term (a quarter or so) your stocks may fall 15%, 20%, maybe more. And that’s when most traders will jump ship.

But not the patient investor.”


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