Organizational drive

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Drive for increased job responsibilities diminishes with age – starting at 25

“… once they reach their 30s, only a minority of men or women express a desire for greater job responsibilities. 

among men 35-44, only 45 percent seek additional responsibilities, a sharp drop from 63 percent in the 25-34 age group. By 55-64, only 18 percent of men have that drive for more responsibilities. Women’s rates track closely to the men, and actually surpass men in the 65+ age group, 11 percent to six percent.

There’s something more going on here than people simply slowing down or opting for more family time. As people progress in their careers, they start devoting more time and energy into activities that have more meaning to them. For many salaried employees, that doesn’t mean doing more for employers. … people of all ages are still willing to take on additional work in their lives if it means advancing themselves, their industries or their professions. …

Simple promises of promotions and raises don’t turn on employees like they used to. The rewards that will motivate them need to be geared toward greater working flexibility, more training and education, greater contributions to profession and society, and more opportunities at entrepreneurial ventures.”


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