Shouldn’t we?

By Mark Graban via   Article

Nice Toyota Production System Intro Video from the UK

“If you have colleagues who think Lean/TPS isn’t all about engaging everybody in improvement, have them watch this video… and then talk about how you can create a similar environment where:

  • Everybody is allowed to call time out when they think there is a problem (even if there’s not a physical cord to pull)
  • Somebody comes to help IMMEDIATELY
  • Nobody is blamed personally for creating the problem
  • Nobody is punished for slowing down the work because of a quality/safety concern (even if it turns out to not be a problem)
  • People work together on identifying problems and solving problems (at the root cause)

If  Toyota can do this for cars and trucks, shouldn’t hospitals do this too? As the slogan at the end of the video says: ‘Always a better way.’

A Toyota employee, pictured [above], pulls an andon cord in a video shared by Toyota UK: Factory to Forecourt – Introduction to the Toyota Production System.


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