Body language skills

By Maureen Mackey via   Article

7 ways to fix your biggest management mistakes

“While circumstances will vary, here are seven smart tips for managers (and the rank-and-file, for that matter) to succeed in today’s open-plan environment:

1. If you want other people to speak up, listen closely and use eye contact when they’re talking. “Face them — with your shoulders, your feet, knees, hips ….”

2. Remove barriers between yourself and others. That means laptops, briefcases, papers, books, purses — and smartphones.

3. Expand your presence, rather than compress yourself. “Women in particular tend to hold their arms tightly to their bodies.” Instead, take your place at the table, as it were. Demonstrate your involvement to those around you.

4. Dress as a member of the team …

5. Try sitting in the middle of the table, rather than instinctively grabbing the lead spot.

6. Know how you come across to others … Allow yourself to be videotaped and examine the results …

7. Show empathy toward others. Younger employees in particular, … who are so adept at technology, may not always have the body language skills that can help them succeed in a collaborative environment.”


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