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3 Mind-Blowing Employee Communications Stats

“As part of our research, we have surveyed more than 23 thousand employees globally.  From all this data, we have learned some truly cool stuff about employee performance and its motivators as well as leadership role in  driving performance through communication.You can see our entire research deck on our website, but I would love to give you a sneak peek into the 3 key quant findings for this year. …

Finding 1: Individual task performance alone represents only 51 % of employees’ potential performance impact. In fact, network performance (learning from others and teaching others) represents the remaining 49% of employees’ total performance potential.  This is a marked shift from just 10 years’ ago, where just doing well in your own job and turning in high-quality work on time represented 80% of employees’’ performance contribution. …

Finding 2: Commitment to company (sense of pride, ownership, feeling inspired by company’s vision) is NOT a significant driver of network (or even individual task!) performance.  What really matters for increasing employee’s performance is sense of feeling connected to their coworkers and having a clear understanding of company goals and how they connect to their work. …

Finding 3: Leaders have a large impact on employee’s performance, however not all leadership environments are created equal. Most members are currently focused on building up the human, authentic, inclusive side of leaders, but they are better off helping leaders be more enabling. More enabling leaders spend less time on trying to connect to employees, and instead focus on connecting employees to each other.”


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