The reek of creativity

By Kevin Meyer via   Article

Justin Brady’s article on creativity in The Wall Street Journal: …

The process of real creativity is messy, chaotic, sometimes even disgusting, and it reeks of failure, experimentation and disorganization. Because of this, most leaders don’t actually want creativity, they just want the results of it. …

Creative environments aren’t planted, they are cultivated by leaders who:

Listen. Listening is much different from hearing. When someone is truly listening, they keep eye contact and they strain to find meaning. When you are listening, you discover insights that weren’t obvious before. …

Empathize. This is a giant problem today, not only in companies but in politics and even relationships. Empathizing takes work. People who truly empathize not only try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes, but they also make it a priority to find truth in their words. …

Trust. Listening and empathizing are useless if you can’t trust another individual. Some ideas or concepts won’t make sense to anyone but the innovator. That’s what makes them innovators, they were capable of seeing a solution or connection no one else could. 

… Effective leadership… and creativity and innovation and all that fine stuff… is a function of recognizing the value of people.  To be a bit more specific, the value of the brains of people – not just the hands.”


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