Giving liars a second chance

By Dan Rockwell via Leadership Freak Blog   Article

“Liars lie for gain, protection, or harm. Lies are self-serving manipulations that violate trust. Some lies are malicious. Others are spoken for personal gain. Still others are silent omissions. The lies we tell include:

  1. I’m sick.
  2. Customers come first.
  3. There’s just this one little problem.
  4. People are our most valuable asset.
  5. That’s great. …

Caught in a lie:

… giving liars second chances … ‘It depends.’

  1. … Was the liar protecting someone? Were they protecting some deeply held secret of their own, the exposure of which would harm them? …
  2. Did the person fess up about the lie, or were they caught?
  3. Is the lie an outlier? Or is it an extension of other lies, or worse an escalation.”

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