Our sixth, seventh, and eighth senses

By  via fastcodesign.com   Article

The Future Of Technology Isn’t Mobile, It’s Contextual

“… a shift toward what is now known as contextual computing … Always-present computers, able to sense the objective and subjective aspects of a given situation, will augment our ability to perceive and act in the moment based on where we are, who we’re with, and our past experiences. These are our sixth, seventh, and eighth senses.

Hints of this shift are already arriving. Mobile devices with GPS deliver location-based services …. Amazon’s and Netflix’s recommendation engines … feed you book and video recommendations based on your behavior and ratings. …

These merely scratch the surface. The adoption of contextual computing–combinations of hardware, software, networks, and services that use deep understanding of the user to create tailored, relevant actions that the user can take–is contingent on the spread of new platforms. Frankly, it depends on the smartphone. Mobile technology isn’t interesting because it’s a new form factor. It’s interesting because it’s always with the user and because it’s equipped with sensors. …

You Need Four Data Graphs to Make it Happen

… we’ve identified four data graphs essential to the rise of contextual computing: social, interest, behavior, and personal. Some are well-established and others have emerged seemingly out of thin air in the last few years. By mastering all four of these graphs, players seeking to dominate the next era of the web will be wildly successful.

There are legitimate ethical concerns about each of these graphs. They throw into relief the larger questions of privacy policy we’re currently wrestling with as a culture ….”


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