Language kills innovation

By Lyden Foust via   Article

Language Is Killing Our Ability To Innovate

“Before we had language, we made sense of the world through pictures, sounds, and smells. … Eventually we developed the capacity for language as a form of communication. …

The problem with grammar is that it locks us into certain ways of thinking about things. … if there are no words for certain concepts, we tend not to think about them. This means a key component of successful innovation is our ability to think beyond the constraints of language. …

Be Able to Switch Between Visual & Verbal Communication

… The use of images, diagrams, and models can help reveal patterns of thinking and new directions you can take that would be hard to imagine exclusively in words. …

Put it to work

… When attempting to sketch an idea, we must observe it closely, gaining a feel through our fingers on how to bring it to life. When you are trying to solve a hard problem, think beyond words. …

Is there a way you could depict all the stakeholders in a process …? … Could you create a mental map of your to do list? What are all the possible outcomes of a negotiation …? What does your supply chain look like? Have you tried mind mapping a presentation or a meeting?

Revert to your most primal form of intelligence, visualize the problem, and watch the solution illuminate before your eyes.”


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