The joke is on us

By John Kirk via   Article   *Thanks to Daniel Smith for suggesting this article

Android’s Market Share Is Literally A Joke

“Have you heard this one?

Two farmers bought a truckload of watermelons, paying five dollars apiece for them. Then they drove to the market and sold all their watermelons for four dollars each. … ‘See!’ said the one farmer to the other. ‘I told you we shoulda got a bigger truck.’

Or how about this one?

Android is winning because they got a bigger truck.

… the joke is on us because this is exactly the kind of nonsensical analysis that is being doled out by tech pundits … [Examples:]

– Android is crushing Apple and Microsoft in the mobile device market …
– CHART OF THE DAY: The iPhone’s Market Share Is Dead In The Water …

… These headlines – or their underlying articles – all … point to market share as the … basis for their conclusion. … pundits think that Android has won because they ‘have a bigger truck’ (i.e. more market share) – regardless of how much – or how little – profit Android manufacturers make. …

Quiz #1: Market Share Alone

Question: Company A has 25% market share. Company Z has 75% market share. Which company is doing better?

Answer: With market share alone, there’s simply no way to know or tell. Company A might be bringing in all the profits and company Z might be going bankrupt.”


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