Sure fire

By Don Peppers via   Article

You Can’t Make a Living Just by Solving Problems

“… the data shows that by 2020 more people in the United States will be working for themselves than are drawing salaries, with most of the salaried employees being older, and most of the self-employed younger.

And then there are all the changes brought on by computerization. … by the time you young graduates reach retirement age you’ll be roughly a million times more interconnected and computerized. And what is it that computers do? They solve problems, that’s what. … In fact, if you can state something as a technical problem that has a solution – a task to be completed – then eventually this problem can and will be solved by computer …

There are only two ways to ‘beat the clock’ against the kind of galloping automation …. One way is to become very good at dealing with interpersonal issues – people skills. … resolving the people-to-people issues that plague organizations and groups of cooperating people is a skill that is likely never to go out of style, and it’s obviously beyond the capabilities of any conceivable computer.

The other way to beat the clock is not to focus on solving problems but on discovering them. Discovering new problems is something that computers can’t really do, and are unlikely to be able to do in your lifetime. Discovering new problems is otherwise known as ‘creativity.’ … one of the most important keys to generating economic value. …

What a marvelous time it is to be alive, and to be joining an economic system that prizes originality over conformity, and relationships over transactions. …

There is only one sure-fire way to prepare for such a changing world, and it is one of the most time-tested, old-fashioned ideas known: Always be trustworthy to others.”


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