In charge of nothing

By Gary Hamel and Polly LaBarre via   Article

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

“In order to engage in a conversation about leadership, you have to assume you have no power — that you aren’t ‘in charge’ of anything … If, given this starting point, you can mobilize others and accomplish amazing things, then you’re a leader. …

What, then, are the attributes of individuals who can inspire others and multiply their impact?

They are seers — individuals who are living in the future, who possess a compelling vision of ‘what could be.’ …

They are contrarians — … It’s exciting to be around these free-spirited thinkers who liberate us from the status quo and open our minds to new possibilities.

They are architects — adept at building systems that elicit contribution and facilitate collaboration. …

They are mentors — rather than hoarding power, they give it away. …

They are connectors — … They help others achieve their dreams by connecting them with sponsors, like-minded peers, and complementary resources.

They are bushwhackers — … They’re more committed to doing the right thing than to doing things right.

They are guardians — vigilant defenders of core values and enemies of expediency. …

They are citizens — … They are other-centered, not self-centered.”



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