Eating “No”s for breakfast

By Robert D. Smith via   Article

“By making rejection my goal, I got to the point where ‘No’s meant absolutely nothing to me. I was eating them for breakfast. Worrying about rejection became a thing of the past. … the ‘Yes’s started rolling in, one after the other. … why:

1. Seeking rejection makes you fearless.

If you truly commit your mind to getting 30 ‘No’s every day in whatever goal you are trying to achieve … you can train yourself to actually feel happy when you get each rejection.

2. It forces you to do something.

When you take fear out of the equation, it becomes much easier to take action and pick up the phone, write the email, make the sales pitch, etc. Taking action is always better than doing nothing. …

3. It will make you stronger in all areas of your life.

… If you get good at seeking rejection, that fearlessness and boldness is going to sneak into every other area of your life as well. … You can become the person who steps up and takes bold action.

4. You will feel massively motivated.

You know what happens when you force yourself to do something 30 times in one day? You end up feeling crazy productive. You know what happens when you feel crazy productive? You end up doing even more! …

5. You’ll get rich.

… Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple. …  Michael Jordan got cut from his eighth grade basketball team. … It’s time to believe.”


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