All good comes from this

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Everything you’ve heard about starting a business is wrong

“Starting your own business is a daunting, complicated task. Most people, after incubating an idea and mustering the courage to venture forth, spend time trying to perfect a business plan before they actually interact with a customer.

This is the wrong approach, say Dave Llorens and Ryan Ferrier, four-time entrepreneurs …

Consider … an example. Michael Armenta, Barrett Purdum and Michael Maher decided they wanted to make clothes. They knew nothing about logistics and spent the better part of a year trying to plan around that, getting nowhere. Eventually, the three got creative, measuring their friends in bars. They opened several pop-up shops around the city once they gained a little clout. …

The lesson? Interact with customers first, say Llorens and Ferrier, and plan your company around their feedback. … ‘Don’t plan forever and build the perfect machine. Listen to customers, all good comes from that.’

the three T’s: Talk to the customer, Translate what you’ve learned into an offering, then Try it out. …

Whether it’s actually measuring strangers in bars for shirts, Llorens and Ferrier’s message is to listen to customers and not to plan too much without real information. ‘Don’t put the cart before the horse,’ Llorens says. ‘It’s about momentum.'”


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