“Touchy feely” or “tough“

By Terry Starbucker via TerryStarbucker.com   Article

The Full Spectrum of Leadership (and The Danger of the Comfortable Middle)

“‘Touchy Feelyness’. … doling out praise, encouragement, and ultimately compensation – providing a LOT of it to the people who really were outperforming their peers and over delivering on all their promises. …

Full Accountability’. … see and acknowledge that someone is under performing their responsibilities, and taking appropriate and decisive action to either change that behavior or let that person go altogether. …

‘Comfortable Middle’ – … nobody gets overpraised or overcompensated, or conversely, “written up” … or let go. … nobody gets jealous or envious because some individuals are singled out with extravagant praise or a fantastic raise or bonus, and nobody works with much anxiety because its rare when somebody gets coached or let go, or doesn’t get a raise. …

What really happens when we live only in the comfortable middle is a bunch of resentment – resentment by those who excel for a lack of real and tangible recognition, and resentment by those who do their job well every day for those who don’t, and … get the same raises they do.

The best objective indicator of how much a company lives in the comfortable middle is to look at the range of the annual raises … I need to get out of the middle when all the raises are bunched together, without much deviation from the highest to the lowest.

we must really practice “Full Spectrum” management to truly be effective. Which means a manager must have the ability to be both ‘touchy feely’ and ‘tough’.”


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