Let them eat cake

By Jeffrey Baumgartner via innovationexcellence.com   Article

Creativity, Innovation and Cake

“Do you know the difference between creativity and innovation? If so, good for you! If not, don’t worry. It seems an awful lot of people do not know the difference. …

Creativity is combining two or more different ideas or concepts in order to create a novel, new idea. Innovation is using those ideas to change your world for the better. In short, creativity is about the ideas. Innovation is about the implementation of those ideas in order to institute change. …

So, what happens when people talk innovation but do creativity? Not much and that’s the problem.

Creative Alone Makes No Cake

Imagine you launch a cake recipe competition in which the three most creative cake recipes, submitted to your competition web site, win rewards. The public loves the idea and submit thousands of recipes, many of which sound like they would be incredibly delicious! It’s a great exercise that generates lots and lots of cake ideas, but not a single cake. In short it is a creative exercise and not innovation. …

Innovative Cake

Clearly, a better approach would be to have a cake baking competition where people bake cakes and submit them to you for tasting. There probably will not be as many submissions as in the case of the recipe competition. But you will have cake. You will have innovation.”


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