Fail because of attitude

By Paul H. Eccher and Dave Ross via   Article

These Soft Skills Can Go a Long Way

“According to a recent study by global engagement research firm Leadership IQ, about 90 percent of new hires fail because of attitude, not because they lack a certain skill. As a result, it’s critical that employers take into account the soft skills of prospective employees and how these can help differentiate between pre-hires with similar backgrounds and technical abilities.

A few of the soft skills most repeatedly linked to executive success are:

Listening and collaborating. Executives who can give their undivided attention to others and are fully present in their communications often maintain better working relationships with people both in and outside of their organization. Rather than jump to assumptions during conversations, good listeners focus on understanding someone’s point of view rather than crafting their own response and asking questions that drive increased understanding and clarity. …

Motivating and energizing. An important part of coaching others and developing their skill sets includes the ability to understand what motivates and drives individual team members. …

Influencing across boundaries. Having the ability to sell one’s vision to others is a powerful soft skill, particularly for those in leadership, sales or marketing roles. Individuals who can articulate the “what’s in it for you” message project confidence, credibility and enthusiasm when presenting new ideas, products or services. Rather than focusing on the facts, influencers focus on personalizing their messages to resonate with their audience.”


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