Stop being so average

By  via Management Excellence Blog   Article

8 Ideas to Kick Mediocrity to the Curb in Pursuit of Extraordinary:

1. Start with the belief that your attitude and your actions will make a difference. In a world where mediocre is the norm, your extraordinary effort to help, serve, lead, please, thank, teach, manage, fix and engage will all be noticed. Not by everyone, but by many of us.

2. If your team works on the phone, teach them to lead with their smiles. Customers hear smiles over the phone and that helps us forget that we just navigated a 42-step phone-tree and a 36-minute wait …

3. If your team works in front of customers teach them to lead with direct eye contact and a smile. … the only downside of your employees smiling and making eye contact will be the fainting and momentary loss of equilibrium of your customers. …

4. Extraordinary starts with the behaviors you model you set as a manager. Define “extraordinary” in your environment and then teach and model the behaviors. If you don’t, who will? …

6. Remember, extraordinary isn’t just for external customers. Model extraordinary across employee groups and watch it grow. …

8. Make hiring for extraordinary a religion. … Your challenge is to identify those underlying values and behaviors that are so critical to transcending mediocrity in your world and then recruit and hire for those items. Few of us would pass Southwest Airlines’ rigorous filters for fun and love of people and Zappos is so committed to getting just the right people, the firm offers new employees a cash incentive to leave once they’ve completed the firm’s training program. In Zappos’ case, it’s cheaper and more productive to pay someone who isn’t feeling the firm’s definition of ‘extraordinary’ to leave than to retain them and have them poison the well.)”


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