Champs and chumps

By Mark Crowley via   Article

Extreme Giver Adam Grant Lends Us His Advice on Becoming a More Generous Leader

The Common Denominators Of The Uber-Successful

successful people shared three things in common: motivation, ability, and opportunity. … ‘there’s a critical yet often neglected fourth ingredient that profoundly influences high achievement: how one approaches interactions with other people.’ …

Takers: Takers like to get more than they give. …

Matchers: The majority of us are matchers, and we generally give to others in expectation our favors will be returned. …

Givers: Givers want to help others independent of an easily foreseeable payback. …

which of these reciprocity styles proves more costly and ‘sinks people to the bottom of the success ladder?’ … the answer is the givers. Going out of their way to help people prevents them from getting their own work done.

… If givers are most likely not to succeed, who’s most likely to land at the very top? … it’s the givers again. ‘Across occupations, if you examine the link between reciprocity styles and success, the givers are more likely to become champs–not only chumps.’

research proves that the big winners in our society, across all fields and occupations, are those … who take determined action to achieve their own ambitious goals while routinely contributing to the success of others.”


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