Build the airplane in the air

By by Dan Rockwell via Leadership Freak Blog   Article

When Teammates Collide

“Forward-focused teammates clash with foot-draggers. 

My approach to an opportunity is grab it and go. Planning isn’t high on my list. I know it’s important but can’t we plan as we go. Just do something is my motto. Build the airplane in the air. “Just do something people” drive planners crazy. …

Heidi Grant Halvorson and E. Tory Higgins explain motivational collisions in their new book, “Focus.” They explain how some tend to promote and others prevent.

Promoters play to win.
Preventers play not to lose.

Promoters tend toward big ideas.
Preventers are great with details.


“For a promotion-focused person, what’s really “bad” is a nongain: a chance not taken, a reward unearned, a failure to advance… But for the prevention-focused, the ultimate “bad” is a loss you failed to stop; a mistake made, a punishment received, a danger you failed to avoid.”


Everyone, according to Halvorson and Higgins, has both motivations and, depending on the context, brings them out.”



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