Acting like the boss

By Terry Starbucker via Terry Starbucker blog   Article

15 Big Differences Between Acting Like a Boss and BEING a Leader

“In fast paced, high stress business environments it can be all too easy sometimes for leaders to slip into what I call “Boss Man” mode. What I mean by that is that they stop being a leader, and start acting like a boss. A boss who supervises a staff. The staff reports to the boss, just like it says on the organizational chart. And they do exactly what the boss says, because, of course, He’s the boss!“ …

  • A boss likes to tell, while the leader prefers to teach …
  • A boss gets lost in the details, while the leader keeps the big picture
  • A boss rules by fear, while the leader inspires with trust
  • A boss displays great hubris, while the leader shows quiet humility
  • A boss likes to talk, while the leader prefers to listen …
  • A boss outlines the “What”, while the leader also always explains the “Why” …
  • A boss is a disabler, while the leader is an enabler
  • A boss criticizes, while the leader coaches
  • A boss manages to an end, while the leader serves for a purpose
  • A boss demotivates with impassiveness, while a leader inspires with caring & empathy …

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