“You either lead by example or you don’t lead at all”

By Joyce E.A. Russell in The Washington Post   Article

Career Coach: How leaders can boost their credibility with staff

“Credibility is often considered to be at the foundation of leadership. Regardless of how smart, sophisticated and savvy you might be, if your colleagues or direct reports don’t believe you, then they won’t willingly follow. People have to believe that your word can be trusted — you will do what you say you will do — and that your actions are aligned with your words.

To be seen as credible, you must be honest. Leadership experts and writers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner found people around the globe report honesty as the most important characteristic of “admired leaders.” As they say, “before someone will voluntarily heed your advice, take your direction, accept your guidance, trust your judgment, agree to your recommendations, buy your products, support your ideas and implement your strategies, people expect that you will be honest.”

Credible leaders must also have integrity, adhering to moral and ethical standards. Consistency is key to being seen as credible. Tell the truth, keep confidentialities, apply standards reliably and walk the talk each and every day. Don’t be the leader who promises to do something, but never follows up, or says it is important to treat employees with appreciation, but doesn’t practice what he preaches.”


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