Patent Research Just Got Easier

From Inc.   Article

Google knows a thing or two about patents and has been the target of plenty of lawsuits involving them over the years. So it makes sense the company trying to “organize the world’s information” would come up with a better way to search for patents. In a blog post on Aug. 14 the company announced two new features for its Patent Search tool: The ability to search the European Patent Office, and a new way to find “prior art.”

The ability to search prior art is key when it comes to proving your idea deserves a patent. “Typically, patents are granted only if an invention is new and not obvious,” wrote Google engineering manager Jon Orwant. “To explain why an invention is new, inventors will usually cite prior art such as earlier patent applications or journal articles.” But that process usually involves a laborious search.

In one click, Prior Art Finder searches multiple sources–Google Patents, Google Scholar, Google Books, and the Web–for related content that existed at the time a patent was filed. To learn more about how start-ups might use this tool, I checked in with Van Lindberg, an IP and open-source attorney with the international corporate law firmHaynes and Boone.

How will the Prior Art Finder tool be userful to patent-holders and patent-seekers?”


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