Top 10 deadly networking mistakes

By John Heckers   Article

“Everyone probably knows that the only effective way to find employment in this market is to network. But too many networkers make deadly networking errors that can actually hurt them, rather than help them. Here are a few infamous ones.

1). Collecting names and business cards. Some people think that networking is about collecting as many business cards as possible. It isn’t. Networking is about helping others and, in return, receiving help. …

2). Going ill. One woman came to one of our networking events clearly very ill, and infected several people there with her creeping crud. Need I say that those she infected don’t feel very positive toward her. If you’re sick, the best place to be is in your bed, not at a networking event.

3). Inappropriate attire. If it is a business/professional event, go business/professional or don’t go. If the organizers of the event aren’t clear about suggested attire, call and ask before you go and make a fool of yourself. If in doubt, go here to see the rules for appropriate attire.

4). Bedecked with jewelry. The bling bling detracts from your credibility. One ring per hand, and only on the ring finger, please. (Women: Your wedding set counts as one ring.) No big earrings. Guys – no earrings period. …

5). Monopolizing the conversation. Don’t blather on. Say your piece and shut your mouth. Don’t speak too fast, either. And please speak up at a networking event (women, this means you, too!). If I can’t hear you or understand you, I can’t help you.

10). Hitting on someone. …”


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