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It pays to flatten the pyramid

““Boss-zilla,” as Salzberg calls his first manager, taught him all he needed to know about leadership done wrong. “Right then I knew the kind of leader I never want to be, the kind who gives orders, not encouragement.” Today, he says, “You never know where the best ideas will come from. If you build a supportive environment where everyone is expected to contribute, you’ll get synergies and creative ideas you never imagined were possible.”

How do you create an environment of innovation, collaboration and trust? You must turn the org chart upside down and recognize that senior management exists to help their staff become more successful – not the other way round. And that consultation, delegation and admitting you don’t know everything are powerful development tools for leaders to use every day – not signs of personal weakness.

Here are a few ways to flatten your pyramid to create a more dynamic, effective organization: ….”


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