Rethink how you’re approaching your projects

From the “Heart of Innovation Blog”  Source

The Real Organizational Chart?

“One reason why there isn’t more innovation in your organization is because too many people are working on their own — unable or unwilling to let go of control and invite others into the picture. The result? Overwhelm. Stress. Bottlenecks. Tunnel vision. Missed opportunities. Long delays. And a major lack of collaboration. If the above chart is all too familiar, it’s time to rethink how you’re approaching your projects and begin inviting others into the sandbox.


1. Identify the bottlenecks
2. Invite your friends to pitch in and help
3. Start small. Find one person, today, to join forces with you.
4. Make your dream list of collaborators
5. One by one, invite your dream list to collaborate with you
6. Delegate more
7. Let go of your perfectionism
8. Let go of your need to be in control
9. Look for interns and volunteers
10. Ask for help

How to create an idea factory


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