Innovation in 3D

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Zero-Dimensional Innovation

Zero dimensional idea flow is the worst kind of idea flow. Zero dimensions, as you will recall, is a single point from which there can be no motion. Likewise, in highly hierarchical companies that are not open to receiving ideas from staff, ideas do not go anywhere. If one of the staff has an idea, she might discuss it with her colleagues in a “Wouldn’t it be great if our company were to…” sort of way. But the idea goes no further. Only when a decision maker – usually the CEO – has an idea is it implemented.

One-Dimensional Innovation (1D)

One dimensional idea flow is better. One dimensional space is linear and comprises points along a line. In firms which have begun to respect ideas, idea flow becomes linear. When an employee has an idea, she is invited to share it with someone responsible for ideas, such as her superior or an innovation manager. If the idea seems promising, the innovation manager may discuss it with the originator, send it to an expert for evaluation or send it to her superior for approval. Each of these people can be seen as points on the line of idea flow. …

Two-Dimensional Innovation (2D)

Two dimension defines a plane or flat surface. Two dimensional idea flow means that ideas flow in all directions across the organization. Anyone can see what ideas other people are proposing, propose their own ideas and collaborate on other people’s ideas. … Two dimensional idea flow is clearly a big step up from one dimensional idea flow. Everyone participates at every level; collaboration builds upon good ideas, turning them into great ideas and transparent communication from management shows support for innovation which encourages further innovation. …

Three-Dimensional Innovation (3D) ….”  – Article


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