Minimum viable product

**By Carmen Nobel   Article

“These are the days of the lean startup. “Most startups fail not because they can’t build the product they set out to build, but because they build the wrong product, take too long to do that, waste a lot of money doing that, and waste a lot of money on sales and marketing trying to sell that wrong product,” says Tom Eisenmann, a professor in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School. “It takes a lot of time, time equals money, the money runs out, and the startup fails painfully. …

For starters, it [the lean startup] nixes the traditional idea of a company spending several months in stealth mode while perfecting a full-featured product and planning an expensive launch party at a Las Vegas trade show. Rather, the lean startup launches as quickly as possible with what Ries calls a “minimum viable product” (MVP), a product that includes just enough features to allow useful feedback from early adopters. This makes it easier for the company to speed to market with subsequent customer-driven versions of the product. And it mitigates the likelihood of a company wasting time on features that nobody wants.

“The MVP is a controversial idea because it can be perceived as something thrown together with shoestring and bubblegum,” Eisenmann says. “But through a series of MVPs, a lean startup can validate a specific and comprehensive set of hypotheses about what the business is, where it’s going, and what it has to do.”” – Article


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