10 – 1 = 12

“I promise, I’ll do better – just give me another chance”

This was the third time George was in Jerry’s office in the past 6 months.  First it was for some poorly completed work. Then, it was for a series of missed deadlines.    Now, he was there because of a careless error that cost the company a customer. …Because he was an outgoing person, George was popular around the office, but the 9 other members of Jerry’s team that he worked with had been growing resentful of his seeming ability to “talk his way out of any trouble”. George also knew that his skills were in high demand in his industry, and he figured there would be a reluctance to come down on him very hard because he’d be difficult to replace. He was right. …

Jerry sat back in his chair, and faced a moment of truth.  Does he accept this promise and hope that George finally gets his act together?   Or, does he finally cut his losses and take the risk of having to do more with less? These are the moments that test every leader, but in this case, the decision is very clear. …

10 – 1 = 12.

He should let George go, as soon as possible.  Why?”

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