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May 23, 2016


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May 23, 2016


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May 23, 2016

Corporate ladder map

May 23, 2016


You can’t motivate

May 16, 2016

By Pascal Finette via theheretic.org   Article

“Peter Drucker once said: ‘We know nothing about motivation. All we can, is write books about it.’

In all the time I spent building and leading teams, the one thing I learned is: You can’t really motivate anyone to do anything (at least not in the long run).

Humans are complex creatures and pretty much any trick in the book to “motivate” is easily spotted and falls flat.

What I believe you have to do instead, is to first hire the right people. Hire people who have very high levels of intrinsic motivation. People who burn to work for your organization. People who would work for you even if you wouldn’t pay them.

Next paint a clear picture of the future, establish the social norms and build your culture. Get everyone on the same page, make sure everyone understands what it is you want to achieve and how you want to get there.

And then get out of their way. Let them do what they need to do. And make sure you remove anything in their way, which could demotivate them.

You can’t motivate someone to do something. But you surely can demotivate folks. Hire the right people, set them up for success and remove any obstacles.”

Making more money

May 16, 2016
By Jayson Demers via inc.com/jayson-demers/   Article
Seven Bad Habits Preventing You From Making More Money

“1. Failing to negotiate. Everything is negotiable. That doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you want, but you won’t get what you don’t ask for. … never accept the first offer, even if all you say is ‘Can you do a little better?’

2. Failing to invest in yourself. According to famed investor Warren Buffet, ‘You are your own biggest asset by far.’ … Equipping yourself with greater knowledge, more skills, better health, and more experience means you’ll be worth more to your future employers, you’ll make more valuable decisions, and ultimately, you’ll earn more money.

3. Tunnel vision. … you never know when your business or career might be disrupted. If you have backup strategies, such as a rental property or a side business, such a devastating event won’t ruin you.

4. Complacency. … Complacency manifests itself in many areas; for example, you might invest less time and energy in your work, resulting in less value for the company. … If you think you’re experiencing burnout, take steps to remedy it.

5. Only doing what’s expected. … Setting targets in your life–with your education, skill set, position, or salary, can trick you into achieving the bare minimum you set for yourself. Always strive for more.

6. Excessive loyalty. … I consider myself a loyal person, and I admire loyalty in others. However, if you sacrifice your goals for your loyalty, it starts to become a disservice to you.

7. Failing to put your money to work. … Invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds and start reaping passive income, or use the money to invest in more education and opportunities for yourself. Your money can make you more money–so don’t leave it lying around.”

Best meeting of the day

May 16, 2016

By  via aleanjourney.com   Article

The Best Meeting of the Day, The Standup Meeting

“A stand-up meeting is a daily team meeting held to provide a status update to the team members. This meeting is also referred to as Obeya in Japanese, meaning ‘the big room’; in agile circles a ‘scrum’ or huddle; and in the automotive industry ‘fast response’.

The purpose of these meetings is essentially the same:

  • Alignment through communication with the team
  • Identification and remedies for roadblocks

So what do we talk about during the daily stand-up? Well, Yesterday, Today, and Obstacles.

… focus the meeting using the following format:

  • Start the meeting early in the day.
  • Should last no more than 15 minutes.
  • The entire team should attend (use a delegate or liaison for support). …
  • What did I accomplish yesterday?
  • What will I do today?
  • What obstacles are impeding my progress? …
  • Consider the use of a kitchen timer to ensure your meetings won’t last more 15 minutes. …
  • Pass a talking stick around so there is less cross-talk. (A strong facilitator is beneficial.) …
  • Highlight issues but solve them later, this meeting is not for extended conversations.”


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